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California is suffering an epidemic of whooping cough. You know, there's a vaccine for that.


Wanna get really pissed? The Jenny McCarthy Body Count will help!

And let's not forget, Jenny McCarthy's kid probably doesn't have autism (which encompasses never did, if you're from a planet where autism is curable).

Baby steps

Oct. 28th, 2009 10:36 am
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So, I emailed someone at UMDNJ who is connected with their dental program. I can has oral surgery plz?
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1) boyfriend. Still with Jay. It's awesome.
2) family. Sometimes their political views confuse me, but they are an awesome family and we have lots of fun and I love them, so it evens out.
3) friends. I've been hermit-ish lately. I need to work on that.
4) kitty. Registering him with the town. His health seems good, although he's down a pound to 11 since we moved. Will be asking the vet for advice when I pick up his special food this Saturday.
5) apartment. The landlord has been having trouble getting the contractors to do the work on the new apartment up to standard, so we haven't moved into it yet. It's supposed to happen at the end of this month now. Frustrating, since I can't unpack my stuff. Also, what is wrong with contractors? This has been since June.
6) job. Working for the SSAT Board - www.ssat.org - as someone who is not a fan at all of the way the current private school system functions, it's a weird job for me. But I get to treat private school parents like they're not special, so that's nice.* A couple of my coworkers have some religious and philosophical views that I find...well, frankly insane, but they're all really nice and we still have plenty of good conversations when we're not busy on the phones.
7) health. I'm doing research on private health insurance. I'm pretty sure that I can afford it while I'm on this temp assignment, but it's what happens after this job ends in February that has me worried. It takes 3-6 weeks on average to find me a new job, and unemployment pays less than half of what I earned. I'll have to see what kind of savings I can build up.
8) money. I have no bad debt, and $1200 left on my student loan. So this insurance thing is possible.
9) politics. On www.politicalcompass.org, I graph as -7.8, -3.5. I'm pro public funding (within reason), pro choice, AND pro death penalty. Hi, I'm weird.
10) WoW (that's World of Warcraft, relatives!). My night elf druid hit level 60, and I made a death knight. I love this game.

*My issue is multi-faceted. Why do private schools that receive tuition from parents also receive any government funding? This takes funding away from public and special-needs schools. Also, and this is one problem that I can't fathom a way out of, private schools existing contributes to the deterioration of public schools. Think about it: if parents counldn't remove their kids from the public system, they'd be more willing to approve tax increases that go to the funding of public schools. There are flaws there, but the argument is basically sound. Problem is, some public schools have gotten so bad from lack of funding that parents would riot if they had to send their kids there now. What do you do?

***Kevin makes a really good point about this in the comments. Read before you reply!***
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In New Jersey, it is legal to charge a patient up to a dollar a page to give them their medical records. This is a big problem for me right now. I need to get a recommendation from a doctor on where to go to have a LEEP done, and I no longer live anywhere near my old gyno. So in order to get the rec, I need to get my records to my new doctor.

A dollar a page. And it's completely legal.

It just seems wrong.
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I'm joining a gym on Monday. I would have joined today, but there's a discount for couples and some other pricing thingies to look at, so I will look at them with Jay, and then I will join. Maybe he will join with me.

This gym has a pool. This is important.

I bought a bathing suit today. It cost me $132, which is more than I've spent on an article of clothing for myself in nearly a decade (I have this amazing brocade & velvet gown), but it was totally worth it. It's plain black, ruched in all the right places, doesn't make any unnecessary bulges, it's got fully functional underwires, and people.........

It doesn't show one INCH of my cleavage.

This is the gym suit I hoped for but didn't believe could exist. When I put it on, I look perfectly ordinary.
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I'm pretty sure I have a mild concussion. I'm speaking from some experience, as I've had one severe, two moderate, and four mild concussions, as well as a case of West Nile encephallitis. I know what it feels like when my brain's a little swollen. My head feels kind of cottony and slow, and I have a mild headache. My vision isn't distorted (relative--I'm horribly nearsighted), I'm not nauseous or dizzy, my speech isn't slurring, and I didn't pass out when I hit my head. So, no ER for me. When the only possible result is: "Yep, you have a concussion. Take some advil. Here's a bill for $6,000.00," I'd rather not. If I had insurance, I probably would have gone, and then had today off work. These are the choices we make.

So what happened? I was walking through the apartment in the dark to go to bed, and I turned in the wrong spot and slammed my temple into the corner of the wall. Combination of shock and fatigue and OW MY HEAD made me cry, but I'll be fine.

In reverse

Jul. 21st, 2009 10:00 am
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I was sick yesterday with the heartburn that ate Tokyo, and I figured continuing the sleep deprivation of the last few weeks would only make it worse, so I stayed home and slept till 2:30 or so. Then I got the Burning Crusade (finally), so should I want to, I can make a Drannei. I soloed King Mukla in Booty Bay and made level 43, then decided my headache was bad enough and signed out. I really need new glasses. Spent the evening snuggled with Jay and watching Burn Notice, then took some Benadryl and went to bed early.

I'm currently reading The King's Grace, because everyone who reads Elizabethan fiction eventually moves on to Henrician.

Rewind to Sunday:
Breakfast with Jay and Melissa at the country diner. Maybe I shouldn't have had the potato pancakes? But they were so good!
Jay and I returned [livejournal.com profile] fatherdog's car to his house, then drove up to Waldwick for the mass family birthday party. Thanks to turnpike traffic, I missed my mom's cousin OC (Owen Charles). Still had a nice time with the family, and Jay cut through all the Dell bs to get my aunt's internet and wireless printer up and running. I cook, he networks. We are useful couple!
We stopped by Wanaque to pick up some more stuff from the apartment, but it was 8 PM and I was exhausted, so we didn't get as much as we could have. Picked up my lil coffee pot, though. Now I just have to get some white vinegar to clean it.
Also, Sunday was my birthday. I am officially 29 and proud of it. Thank you everyone who wished me a happy. Got a couple of nice lil prezzies, but more importantly, people kind of made a fuss about me. I like fusses when they're happy.

Got up around 10 to drive out to Clinton for an 11:30 oil change...which the owner never bothered to inform his mechanics that he had scheduled, so let me tell you, they were THRILLED to see me 30 minutes before close. But, it got done. Then we went over to WalMart and got a couple of camp chairs, and stopped for sushi lunch before going home to shower and play video games.
Melissa came by around 4 and we hung out till Dave showed up around 6, and then we went to Ewing for a Bear Tavern party & BBQ. It was madness on par with the usual. Objects of interest were a cute baby, a broken rusty trampoline, a pair of agitated mini schnauzers, a moth, cookies, Dancing Bill, and a pile of cushions on the floor. I laughed till I hurt, which in retrospect may have contributed to the evil, evil heartburn, but fsck it. Also, if you own hentai and get married, your spouse now also owns hentai and needs to accept that. Photos/video if I get them.
Got to see Aaron before he moved away to Seattle, so that was bittersweet.
[livejournal.com profile] fatherdog got drunker than I've seen him since college, so after putting some water in him, we decided to drive him home and call it a night.

Went to the Red Rooster Grill in Flemington with Jay and had a lovely fancy-pants dinner. The place is Zagat rated Excellent. Om nom a nom nom. Then we went to see Potter. I understand why the detractors don't like it, but honestly I was perfectly satisfied. There is also already some good fan-parody out about it. It is kinda weird how ripped Rupert Grint is. His biceps are as big as my head.

Tonight's plan is to visit with Travis and Kelly for a bit, and give Kelly some of Flap's extra things that Jay and I don't need anymore now that the kitty has only one home.
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Enough with socially conscious dialogue! Time to just ramble.

Actually, I'm not dirty at all. But I am kind of a hippie.

I bought a jar of dandelion leek miso at the whole food store yesterday and had a spoonful with my steamed rice and veggies...and it was so satisfying I didn't need seconds. O.O Also, it was delicious.

I'm still using the Aveeno stuff for sensitive skin even though the rash is gone, and my skin is clearer and softer than it's been since I was in college and had no stress.

And in WOW, my level 30 druid is more than halfway to the achievement: "To All the Squirrels I've Loved Before," which involves /love-ing a bunch of low-level critters.

I wonder if I can get a WOW gnome figurine for when I start my balcony garden...

Lose! (TMI)

Jul. 1st, 2009 07:54 am
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Acute onset UTI.

But the doctor's office (not ER!) saw me last night right after I called, and only charged me $55 for the appointment and in-house urinalysis. I'm now eating oatmeal so I can have food in my belly so I can take the antibiotic (whose name I forget) that has so much blue dye in the casing it turns my pee a little green. But it's working already, so green pee it is.
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My skin is healing. Much of that healing was done last night in my sleep, and I swear to you I FELT MY SKIN KNITTING. I had the creepy crawlies all night, and it kept waking me up. Last year when I had the spider infestation, one would occasionally walk on me in my sleep, and the similarity of the sensations had me checking the bed over all night. Verified: no bugs.

I have a coworker at the current temp gig who has a strong psychosomatic response to the mere sight or mention of a bug. He gets itchy all over. And it is taking all my restraint not to tell him about last night and watch him freak out.

I swear I'm not a bad person.

Being Rash

Jun. 22nd, 2009 09:42 am
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The AWFUL pink spots are fading very slowly, but fading they are. Evil dollar store dryer sheets! Aveeno makes face wash and lotion for extremely sensitive skin with feverfew--I heart them. It makes it feel like it's not there. I've been drinking lots of water, eating food with lots of vitamins A, C, and E, and taking Claritin by day and Benadryl by night.

Let this be a lesson to all of you: NEVER use dollar store dryer sheets.


Jun. 17th, 2009 08:30 am
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I have a rash on my neck and along my jawline, coming up onto my face a little bit. I think it's an allergic reaction to new dryer sheets. I don't feel sick, and it doesn't itch, but still. If it's not cleared up by Saturday, I'm going to the ER.
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Thanks to everyone who wished me well! It worked!

And now, for a WOW update:
Cut for the disinterested )

Home sick

Jun. 15th, 2009 02:39 pm
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Horribly congested and everything hurts. Just when I'd gotten used to the idea that all my spring colds were allergies, the rhinovirus has to sneak in and kick my ass in the last week.
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Been pretty sick to my stomach the last few days. Does anyone know of anything other than pepto to take for lower intestinal issues? Changing my diet hasn't helped yet.
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Urgh. Seasonal Affective Disorder, I has it. Where is my sun?
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Former Czar: a surge in use will lead to a surge in violence.
Former Czar: California has seen a surge in use.
Economics Prof: but where's the surge in violence? Oh wait, there isn't one. Because you're wrong.

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This weather is really getting to me. Rain, rain, rain...and me with no seratonin to spare.


Mar. 31st, 2009 07:57 am
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Massive painful knot in my right shoulder. Me no likie.


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