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Saw DragonForce at the TLA last night. So awesome it kinda hurt a little.

Highlights reel:

1st opener--Taking Dawn, from Las Vegas. When the opener for the opener is good, you know it's going to be a good night. I think they were the Wyld Stallionz in disguise...the frontman and bassist even looked like Bill and Ted. They covered Fleetwood Mac's "Break the Chain" (very popular to do in metal, go fig) and the frontman (who also played rhythm guitar) got off the stage (wireless amp) and played IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PIT. So, so metal.

2nd opener--Sonata Artica, from Finland. Big, theatrical sound. Frontman could have played Jean Valjean or Jekyll on Broadway. At one point, they did heavy metal Hava Nagila. At another, the frontman did some classic yodelling. In power metal, it's perfectly acceptable to be hilarious. No irony required.

The nitty gritty--DragonForce is awesome. No questions. They heckled each other all night while playing incredible metal. My brain melted. Their keyboardist and they keys man from Sonata Arctica had a keytar duel in the middle of the set. The DF keyboardist also wore lime green pants to match his hair and played a theramin. Herman Li has a guitar with 5 pickups. The DF frontman keeps a fan pointed up at him to make his hair flow in a breeze at all times. And when it makes him eat his hair, he laughs it up. The last time I laughed this much in a theater it was at Patton Oswalt.

Ah, and a humbucker is a pickup, but not all pickups are humbuckers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humbucker. Herman Lees guitars do not (that I saw) have humbuckers, just pickups. But more than usual.
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There's a social network site just for faire, so if you're new and want to get to know what it's like and make some friends before the event, you can sign up and go through my profile.


Look at the members page. You'll know me when you see me.

I pwn life

Dec. 19th, 2008 03:10 am
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Getting ready for Christmakwanzahannukahmadanule...hereafter referred to by me as Xmas. Shopping is DONE. Wrapping is nowhere near started. Got prezzies from my godmother already; she takes very good care of me.

Bills are paid! And I'm not flat broke!

I hope the snow is not too bad. Jason's father invited me to come along to his company's holiday party, and I really want to go. How freaking awesome is it that his family likes me so much? Very awesome, that's how awesome.

Saw Mark from BitterX for probably the last time tonight. He's playing with them all weekend, but I can't make the far away shows. He's moving to San Diego in January. Their new bass player is technically very good, but he hasn't really bonded with the crowd yet. I bet we seem pretty intimidating. Rabid fans usually are.

Weight loss is on track. Not anywhere near where I intended to be at this point, but the disastrous spinout of a month ago has been corrected. I just have to maintain the slow and steady thing, and it'll be all good.
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Parents were met. Ruth, Mae, be glad you didn't come to see the Peek-a-Boo Revue. The acts leading up to them weren't any good, nor was the between-dance banter. And the mics were too low. Mudflap did wonderfully, and is officially my travelling partner.

And in a phenomenal act of generosity, I now own a computer. I don't even have words.

I do have a huge worry, but that will be addressed soon enough, for good or ill.
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Well, I've had my 09/13 Philly Dropkick Murphys/Flogging Molly tickets for almost a month now. Who else is coming?


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