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If you are coming with me from my apartment, I need you here by 7:30 tonight.
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Wicked Faire is tomorrow!
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1) They are starting to run out of hotel rooms. Go to www.wickedfaire.com and book your room if you are going to. I have a couch for one person to crash on if need be...but my living room is cold and I have cats.

2) There will be a showing of Repo! The Genetic Opera there, so if you couldn't make the showing in Rutherford on Friday night, you will have your chance. If you weren't sure about seeing it, let me make you sure. It's wonderful. Not perfect, to be sure, but it's a great time, and with a dream cast. Paul Sorvino, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Nivek Ogre, Alexa Vega, and Paris Hilton are all exactly the right actors for the parts they play. No, really. This is the next iteration of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, with fans dressing up and singing along. There was even the beginning of a shadow cast and AP lines. Heaven! Plus the room they screen it in at the Whippany Marriot will be much warmer than the Williams Center. And Terry Zdunich, the frickin' WRITER (and the narrator of the movie), will be there. All weekend.

3)Voltaire is headlining.

4)Steampunk Magazine will be there yet again, hosting the Chrononauts Parade.

5)I'll be there.
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There's a social network site just for faire, so if you're new and want to get to know what it's like and make some friends before the event, you can sign up and go through my profile.


Look at the members page. You'll know me when you see me.
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The events of this Wicked Faire, and those immediately following it, leave me with a warm fuzzy that is preventing me from hating at all. I shall enjoy it while it lasts. LuxURious!

Jason helped me give Mudflap a bath on Sunday, and no one died or was injured. Plus, Mr. Flap's butt is still dandruff-free over 24 hours later.
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I sincerely hope that Obama becomes our next president. It's mostly an intuitive thing, but I do find his platform the least disagreeable. Also, he acknowledges that atheists can be morally good.

I find that the longer I am exposed to true morons with no hope of escape, the more intensely I want to go off on them.

Valentine's Day is looking well. Skullduggery rules.

Go Gian.....I can't even finish that. I. DON'T. FUCKING. CARE. I hate football. Hate. With a firey passion matched only by my hate for baseball.

Wicked Faire this weekend. Not sure what color the homing balloon will be yet. But as always, if you want to find me...look UP.


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