Jul. 8th, 2010 09:10 am
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Apparently, turtle shells are sensitive enough to REALLY like being brushed. *FLAIL*

(warning: music is apparently LOUD, I don't have a sound card at work so I don't know)

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This game is beautiful. These are the graphics that run -- seamlessly -- during gameplay. Sure, there are games out there with better graphics, but not supporting the sheer numbers of WoW. And there's a warmth and accessibility to the look of this game that makes me want to look at it. There are images that, I will admit, I find uplifting. And it has colors! It's not brown on beige on tan on gray on brown again.

The Cataclysm is going to drastically change a lot of places. I'm glad this video exists to remind me of what came before.

See, Roger Ebert? Even WoW is art.

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Yeah, man, I don't know. Just click the link.
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The viral video of the abused cows at Conklin Dairy Farm has resulted in the arrest of one of the abusers.

Sad icon is for the cows. Hopefully the other workers involved will be identified and similarly charged.
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A machinima in this sense is a fan-made video. This is apparently a very popular way to fanmix WoW. This particular one is very, very odd. I watched it at work and so have no idea what the sound is like. You have been warned.

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Oh my crap this is awesome. Also adorable.

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The way clicker training works is that the dog learns a click is a good thing (treat association). Clickers are then used to mark the exact instant of good behavior, making it much easier for the dog to figure out which behaviors to replicate. This is especially effective in dogs with a high drive to please; companion dogs and hunters meant to work close in concert with their people (like gun dogs), and shepherds in the collie family or with similar function.

Below is a particularly good example of clicker training. It also illustrates pretty well a dog's ability to experiment for itself to figure out exactly what its people are trying to get it to do.


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