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This is what a failed state looks like:


The image from the Congo illustrates pretty well why my diamond was grown in a lab. This is the life of a legal diamond miner. If the miner dies from overwork in unhealthy conditions, the stone doesn't count as a blood diamond. If you buy a diamond that came from the ground, you are a murderer.

Congo's diamond problem: http://www1.american.edu/ted/ice/congo.htm
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Documentation of who they are and where they come from.


I personally have never thought ill of them, but I would not want to cross them. Then, I wouldn't want to cross anyone else, so that's not really saying anything.

I will also say that rednecks are a damn sight scarier. And ethnically, I am one (Scotch-Irish, which is really Ulster Scottish).

An example of Jersey Dutch:

I find it pretty upsetting that I believed so many untrue things about them, especially considering that there is scholarly, well-documented work available. And especially especially because I lived in their backyard not too long ago.
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Not only did Dio die, but it's the anniversary of Jim Henson's death.

Brain Dump

Aug. 14th, 2009 09:51 am
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So what would YOU put on a T shirt?


I've been borrowing Jay's car for the past couple of days while he carpools with a coworker who lives in our complex. I had to get my brakes done: front & rear brakes & rotors, and rear calipers. And yet, it's the cheapest brake job I've ever had done. I question the honesty of north Jersey mechanics.

So, I've been reading www.crazyauntpurl.com lately, and beyond making me want to learn to knit, it's made me want to figure out how I became such an angry person. I carry it around with me and it gets in the way sometimes. And of course it's not just one event, it's lots of them, and bad timing, and people hurting my feelings and breaking my trust. But one thing among them is standing out at the moment, so I thought I might get it out.

Marc H. )

BUT! I'm taking Heather to the Faire tomorrow! So you know that means pictures. AND I caught up on paying down my student loan this morning.

This song always makes me nostalgic for the nomad days:

We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail
Where are we going, so far away
And somebody told me that this is the place
Where everything's better, everything's safe
Walk on the ocean
Step on the stones
Flesh becomes water
Wood becomes bone
And half and hour later we packed up our things
We said we'd send letters and all those little things
And they knew we were lying but they smiled just the same
It seemed they'd already forgotten we'd came

Now we're back at the homestead
Where the air makes you choke
And people don't know you
And trust is a joke
We don't even have pictures
Just memories to hold
That grow sweeter each season
As we slowly grow old

"Walk On the Ocean"--Toad the Wet Sprocket
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The likelihood was that if I took this job, I would have to live in a hotel room all week long and only be home on the weekends. That's time I can't get back, and I just can't live with that. If I could deal with being alone all the time, I wouldn't be moving in the first place.
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Daniel "Chip" Henley, 48, died suddenly on May 6, 2009. Funeral Mass is in St. Aloysius Church, Caldwell, on Monday at 11 a.m. Visiting is in Farmer Funeral Home, 45 Roseland Ave. (at Eagle Rock Avenue), Roseland, on Saturday evening from 5 to 8 p.m. Interment is in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Caldwell. Chip was born in Montclair and was a lifelong resident of Caldwell. He received a B.S. degree in biology from Cook College-Rutgers University, New Brunswick, in 1983. Chip was a self-employed jewelry designer and maker. He was the son of Jane Blessing Henley and the late Daniel John Henley; brother of Jane Puleo (husband Nick) and Katherine Henley (husband Dan Martindale), and uncle of Lauren Puleo, and Caroline and Thomas Martindale. In lieu of flowers, donations to West Essex First Aid Squad, P.O. Box 662, West Caldwell, N.J. 07006 or American Heart Assn., 1 Union St., Suite 301, Robbinsville, N.J. 08691 would be appreciated.


Mar. 27th, 2009 07:56 am
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Still really upset about my hair.


Mar. 11th, 2009 06:14 pm
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My dad's Aunt Myrtle died. I'll be going to the wake this Saturday.

I never really knew her; the only time I can remember even meeting her was when I was six, although I know I saw her at my grandfather's funeral. But I know my mom really liked her, so I'm sorry I didn't try to get to know her.
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Happy zombie Jesus day.  May your pastel eggs be lead-free.

Went to Chet's memorial at the farm.  Not going to say much about that.  It was good to see the people who were there.  Also, Joan is a remarkable woman who really carries herself like a queen.  I'm sure it was hard for her, though, and I'm glad she has so many good friends.

Had some baby therapy afterwards, which was very nice.  I'm saddened, though, by how little preparation many hospitals provide for new parents who want to breastfeed.  New dad's mom and I did a lot more to help than the friggin' LACTATION CONSULTANTS did, with the exception of new dad's mom's friend, who isn't even associated with the hospital.


If you need info, read Dr. Sears.  Because apparently American hospitals still have too much fail.
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There will be a Memorial Service for family and close friends on
>>> Saturday, March 22nd from approximately 12 noon until 6 PM at Knight's
>>> Rest Farm (Chet and Joan's farm). The special significance of this
>>> gathering is that Joan is keeping her promise to Chet that she would
>>> bring him home. Dress is casual – garb or mundane is fine. The casket
>>> will be present, and it will be closed. JOAN NEEDS: 1), a big, period
>>> pavilion to shade the casket, 2), at least 8 big, strong guys to unload
>>> the casket from the hearse at noon, and also to load it back onto the
>>> hearse around 6 (that’s ok if you can only make one time or the other).
>>> The sawhorses previously requested are no longer required. Also,
>>> Marklanders should bring their own folding chairs – Markland style is
>>> fine, and it would be much appreciated if people could bring something
>>> to eat – a covered dish, something to drink, etc. Joan would like the
>>> proceedings to be informal, so if you’d like, you could tell a tale,
>>> lead a prayer, recite a poem, sing a song, give a small eulogy – or
>>> simply bear witness to the ceremony as you honor Chet. If you would
>>> like to bring a small memento or make a small token, or write a letter,
>>> poem, or prayer, etc., Joan will be collecting them in a chest that
>>> Chet made, and burying it with him.
>>> The wake will be Monday, March 24th from 5 to 9 PM at Lee's Funeral
>>> Home in Mount Holly, NJ. The dress is casual – garb or mundane is fine.
>>> This wake is open casket. Joan would like these proceedings to be
>>> informal as well, so if you’d like, you could tell a tale, lead a
>>> prayer, recite a poem, sing a song, give a small eulogy – or simply
>>> bear witness to the ceremony. If you would like to bring a small
>>> memento or make a small token, or write a letter, poem, or prayer,
>>> etc., Joan will be collecting them at the wake as well.
>>> The funeral will be at 10 or 11 AM (they don’t know yet which) on
>>> Tuesday, March 25th at the Sacred Heart Church directly across the
>>> street from Lee’s Funeral Home. The dress is formal – court garb,
>>> armor, or formal mundane is preferred. The casket will be closed, and
>>> they will need as many big, strong guys as possible to serve as pall
>>> bearers and transport the casket. This is where the Markland Honor
>>> Guard will be present, along with the Naval Reserve Honor Guard to
>>> perform a flag folding ceremony and play Taps, the Sheriff’s Department
>>> Honor Guard, and the Naval Militia Honor Guard. The Markland Honor
>>> Guard may wear either armor or court garb, and weapons may be worn, but
>>> not displayed inside the church. Joan would like the ceremony to be
>>> documented, so anyone and everyone able to unobtrusively photograph or
>>> video the proceedings is implored to do so, and share your pictures
>>> with Joan. Immediately following the funeral, all those assembled are
>>> welcome to gather at the Sacred Heart cemetery, not far from the
>>> church. Displayed weapons are permitted at the gravesite. After the
>>> burial, people are welcome to gather at Knight’s Rest Farm for a little
>>> while. It would be very much appreciated if people could bring
>>> something to eat – a covered dish, something to drink, etc.
>>> For offers for help, further questions, etc. contact Jen and David Most
>>> at (215) 295-1776, or e-mail them, but please do not call past 10 PM.
>>> -MB
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Chet, AKA Cheslov Rex of Poland, died today. Markland won't be the same without him.


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