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A fanfic writer discusses the Star Trek financial canon, and it makes me think:


If I didn't need a job to survive, I'd probably have contributed something to society by now.

Of course

Sep. 15th, 2009 08:40 am
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Today is my day to claim unemployment and let the state know that I went back to work. So of course, the online system is broken and I can't log in at all. Of course.
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I'm pretty sure I have a mild concussion. I'm speaking from some experience, as I've had one severe, two moderate, and four mild concussions, as well as a case of West Nile encephallitis. I know what it feels like when my brain's a little swollen. My head feels kind of cottony and slow, and I have a mild headache. My vision isn't distorted (relative--I'm horribly nearsighted), I'm not nauseous or dizzy, my speech isn't slurring, and I didn't pass out when I hit my head. So, no ER for me. When the only possible result is: "Yep, you have a concussion. Take some advil. Here's a bill for $6,000.00," I'd rather not. If I had insurance, I probably would have gone, and then had today off work. These are the choices we make.

So what happened? I was walking through the apartment in the dark to go to bed, and I turned in the wrong spot and slammed my temple into the corner of the wall. Combination of shock and fatigue and OW MY HEAD made me cry, but I'll be fine.


Jul. 27th, 2009 08:16 am
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I'm exhausted. Slept horribly. By the time Jay stopped snoring, it was about 4:30 AM...just in time for the noisy neighbors to get up. I swear they wear tap shoes.

Tried to pay my LabCorp bill off online, but they want me to call them. That will happen Saturday, as I am NOT about to take whatever abuse they feel like giving me before I go to work.

Had an avocado for breakfast. It was nummy.


I got coffee and filters but forgot sugar, so I'll be stopping at Wawa again this morning.

I found out I like chocolate Silk. Go figure. I think I'll have some before I make like a fetus and head out.


Jul. 22nd, 2009 08:21 am
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I'm on hold w/state unemployment. I've been trying to notify them that I went back to work for nearly 2 months and get my closeout check, but they just keep my claim open.
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I'm hosting Mother's Day. It's not a huge amount of work to get the place cleaned up and get the food made; I just have to be here to DO IT. I'm not sure what exactly she said that made me go, "I'll do it!" but there must have been something...

Got my tax refund. Once I deposit that mofo, I can get caught up on some things.

The world does not suck.


Jan. 15th, 2009 07:23 am
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Just got off the phone with the Newark office (the hold message went from an hour wait to 10 minutes wait, and then kept me waiting for 2 minutes. Hmm...). The delay had nothing to do with me wanting to go to grad school (online! more programs should be online. Not like, med school, but things like Lit and Comp Sci). No, it was because they didn't have a record of my earnings from my last week at work. Which they didn't ask me about when I filed. Whatever, it's done now and I should have my check by Tuesday.

The system needs so much streamlining it's retarded.


Jan. 14th, 2009 07:16 pm
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Well, I did NOT get to file today like I was supposed to. The phone message went from "we're busy" to "we're closed." I will call very early tomorrow morning. And then I will just go to this Newark office. Because apparently the state of New Jersey wants to punish me for admitting to seeking further education on my unemployment filing by going through some extra hoops. Maybe, maybe this office in Newark will actually HELP me get financial aid for grad school. But I doubt it. They had better be able to get me my benefits even though my claim was supposed to be made TODAY.
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So, I have to talk to a rep in an office to file for my unemployment. The best times to call are between 430 and 6 PM. If they're too busy to take your call, you are automatically disconnected.

I've been hung up on every 5 minutes since 415.
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And it's delicious.

The temp agency today was interesting...they prefer their temps to call in every week.

Also, I have been approved for unemployment, so I have to go back online and file today. Sweet.
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I need to get two jobs this year: one for until July, and one from July onward. I'm moving to Flemington in July, hence the switch. I'm already working on losing weight and getting myself and my cat healthy. I'm already making important repairs on my car. I already know I want to get to a therapist and work on my issues; that's just a matter of health benefits.

So I don't need to resolve to change my life. My life is changing whether or not I'm ready for it.
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ABS idiot light came on in my car this morning. Hopefully it's just brake dust on the sensor, or low fluid or something...but what if it's not? Thousands of dollars in repairs, that's what. I really hate this car.
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There is a massive crack along the bottom of my windshield.

Shoot me.


Mar. 11th, 2008 02:29 pm
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OMG a real interview tomorrow can't wait can't wait aaaaaannnnnnnnngggggggg!

Got my Fed. tax refund. Should prolly get around to filing my state.

SO. ANTSY. God get it over with already.
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Today I was asked the most bullshit question I've ever been asked in an interview. Position interviewed for: receptionist. Question: What's your ideal job?

My ideal job?

Why do you care what my ideal job is?

You don't. It's a bullshit question. You were looking for something like:

I want to work with a team of dedicated professionals to develop my talents and make a lasting contribution.

What the fuck does that even mean? It's a bullshit answer.

You want to know what my ideal job is? I don't have one. I would like to pay the bills, pay off my debts, and still be able to eat and feed my cat. I really don't care how, as long as I don't have to hurt myself to do it.

Ideal job. Why don't you save that one for the interviews with people who actually know anything about your business? Receptionists are not idealists; they are pragmatists. My ideal job is one I can do that will pay me what I need.

Bet they offer me the job. I hope I have something better by then.


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